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Stainless steel hollow section handbook

The handbook contains useful information about stainless steel, structural hollow sections made of stainless steels and their properties, such as corrosion resistance, strength, ductility and fire-resistance. Separate sections have been dedicated to the design of structures, manufacturing at the workshop and costing. The handbook was created in co-operation with Stalatube Oy, Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association and Outokumpu Oyj.


Stalatube stainless steel member calculation guide

An introduction to the Eurocode 1993-1-4 based design of stainless steel members for structural engineers, who are already familiar with Eurocode design of mild steel. EN 1993-1-4 design rules for stainless steel members have been compared to the corresponding rules of EN 1993-1-1. The guide also includes the latest updates from EN 1993-1-4 /A1 and the 4th Edition of SCI Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel. The guide was created by Stalatube Oy and the engineering company A-Insinöörit Oy.


Design manual for structural stainless steel

The Design Manual provides design rules for austenitic, duplex and ferritic stainless steels. The rules are aligned to the 2015 amendment of the Eurocode for structural stainless steel, EN 1993-1-4. They cover the design of cross-sections, members, connections and design at elevated temperatures. 15 design examples are included to illustrate the application of the design rules. The manual was created by The Steel Construction Institute (SCI)


Stalatube – Full cross section properties table

Full IPE, HEA and HEB cross section properties for structural engineers and designers.